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Our story, in brief

Jakob's law in action

Jakob's law states that visitors spend most of their time on other websites. In practice, this means the more your website sticks to conventions, the easier a time people will have visiting.

That's why it should be a huge red flag if an agency pitches you that they don't use templates, and will make a bespoke site that encapsulates your unique brand.

If your visitors crave familiarity and ease-of-use, a custom experience might be the worst marketing answer.

No hard feelings

Solve it once was born from Brad Czerniak not wanting to push similar rocks up the same hill anymore and setting out on his own. It took a lot of legwork to set up atomic Drupal and JAMstack templates to his satisfaction, and the road twisted toward subcontracting work for a while, but two years after its founding Solve it once was ready to make better sites faster.

The biggest advantage of starting from a well-considered template is that we can abide by agile principles and focus on delivering working software in a way few other Drupal-focused agencies can claim.

Solve it once rarely goes after big-money projects, and Brad will not try to guilt you into staying with so1ve if you decide to switch vendors after a sprint or two. It's our sincere hope that the next people to maintain the site will love what we've done with the code!

Here's to the next hill: may it be pleasant for us all to climb.

Corporate stuff

The who's who

For now it's just Brad and subcontractors like Jim, but keep an eye here as we rapidly grow!

Pure Michigan Drupal

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