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Summary and purchase

Let’s keep this brief

If you need a web developer and small business owner to do various and sundry work for you for 8-ish consecutive hours:

  • Immediately if the work you seek is remote (and Brad is awake)
  • Tomorrow (or whichever day you want thereafter) if you want Brad in your office

If you want Brad on-premise, we’d appreciate (but don’t strictly require) hotel accommodations and transportation reimbursed if your offices are more than 4 hours of driving away from Detroit.

Work Brad could do for you

Brad can do a lot of web development and consultation stuff:

  • Clean up a hacked website for re-launch, within the practical limitations of a hacked site
  • Turn around a decent-sized Drupal or JAMstack site feature that your C-suite wants done yesterday
  • Create and launch a modest microsite
  • Improvise a training session on almost any Drupal or web development topic
  • Lead, or vigorously participate in, a strategy session for your company’s technology approach
  • Review a decent amount of your documentation, put together a presentation, and present recommendations for overall improvements
  • Lead a pair-or-group programming exercise on your codebase, likely around refactoring key features for performance, security, or accessibility
  • Revise templates and boilerplate for common tasks, to improve productivity
  • General web development as needed
  • …pretty much anything you need

If you’re not sure Brad would be up for what you have in mind, reach out and Brad will try to get back to you quickly about what a day’s high-priority work might look like.

The last word

Thank you so much for reviewing this product summary for drop-everything web problem-solving. We hope it was a worthwhile use of your time, and sincerely look forward to working with you.

One quick thing: All the products for sale on this site are packages of service hours. I will email a copy of Solve it once’s Form W9 to all customers, and (noting that I’m not a lawyer or accountant and this isn’t legal or financial advice) if you pay Solve it once $600 or more in a calendar year, you should submit a corresponding 1099.

Summary and purchase