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Summary and purchase

Service description

If you need a web developer that specializes in Drupal and the JAMstack for between an hour and a day of work, you are in the right place.

A single hour or small bucket of hours is available until completely used, as long as used within two years of purchase. If you do not yet have a set purpose for the hours but wish to reserve some for a later date, Solve it once can keep track of your remaining time balance. Solve it once may be forced to raise hourly rates in the future, too, so preemptively buying some hours now may save you some marginal cost.

Since web development tasks require estimates and sometimes/often go over those estimates, we (Solve it once) cannot represent that any hour or hours purchased will result in a particular completed task, unless the required time to complete is well-known. Also of note: if this is your first time using Solve it once for work on a particular site, it could take an hour or more to set up a code repository mirror and local development environment before beginning on task work, so you likely will want to purchase an hour more than you believe any task work will take.

Here are some things we can likely tackle for you in an hour or so:

  • Review codebase and provide some general sentiments and specific areas for improvement
  • Set up a local development environment and code repository mirror
  • Run automated performance, accessibility, SEO, and best practices tests on the front end, and give rough estimates for priority fixes
  • Attend a meeting, either participating or silently writing feedback, at your discretion
  • Perform routine Drupal updates to core (same major version) and contributed code and do limited “smoke testing” of overall site operation
  • Peek into your analytics and find a handful of insights for future marketing and code improvements
  • Fix a single backend or frontend bug, especially if clearly replicable and not a showstopper
  • Make simple tweaks to a frontend theme, such as updating color hex codes for a rebrand

Development hours can be used for anything, as long as we’re on the same page about the work being time-limited. If you’d like to purchase an hour or two via the website and then request monthly invoicing for any hours used beyond the initial purchase, we are happy to oblige.

If you anticipate needing 10 or more hours of work in the not-too-distant future, a block of hours or a full sprint of work will be a better deal.

What you can expect next

Once you use the checkout process, you’ll hear from us via email:

  1. You will receive an email at your billing contact address with a link to a brief form for the most vital information needed to start work, such as the site URL, access details for the codebase, any known details around setting up a development environment, and a quick write-up of the desired work
  2. If we’ve worked together on this site before, Solve it once can likely get started on the work, based entirely on your form responses. If this is your first time working with so1ve or a site of yours we’ve never worked on, we’ll likely have to follow up

Please note that single development hours and small buckets of purchased hours are treated with less priority than larger segments of work that other clients purchase in a similar timeframe, so there may be significant delays for this product. Whenever possible, Solve it once will let you know of any changes to the estimated delivery date of work hours.

Your Satisfaction

We strive to deliver the best solutions to our clients’ needs at reasonable costs. If there’s a way we (an open, honest, ethically-minded small business) can help improve your outcome without excessive cost to Solve it once, you need only ask:

  • Technology demonstrations
  • Our internal documentation
  • Rate negotiation
  • Boilerplate content

The last word

Thank you so much for reviewing this product proposal for one or more web development hours. We hope it was a worthwhile use of your time, and sincerely look forward to working with you.

One quick thing: All the products for sale on this site are packages of service hours. I will email a copy of Solve it once’s Form W9 to all customers, and (noting that I’m not a lawyer or accountant and this isn’t legal or financial advice) if you pay Solve it once $600 or more in a calendar year, you should submit a corresponding 1099.

Summary and purchase