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Freelance designer

Solve it once LLC is seeking a business relationship with one or more freelance web designers for 1099-based site and component design work on an as-needed basis. This is fully remote work, though we’d love to meet up occasionally with any freelance partners local to Detroit.


An ideal candidate for this role:

  • Has a solid working knowledge of the usual tools of the trade: Figma, Photoshop, etc.
  • Has an impressive portfolio of projects to share
  • Appreciates design as problem-solving rather than window-dressing
  • Values site designs as systems of components, and strives for consistency
  • Likes planning and packaging work for reuse/repurposing
  • Is experienced across industries, with a drive to learn
  • Is able to attend meetings from time to time, usually during business hours in the Eastern US time zone
  • Likes branding exercises and color theory
  • Dislikes dark patterns and user-hostile UIs
  • Enjoys creating and selecting assets, including illustrations, iconography, photos, and videos
  • Is open to some light UX and IA work occasionally
  • Annotates designs with useful implementation notes, and includes hover and other states for interactive elements
  • Believes a rising tide lifts all boats, and wants Solve it once to succeed as much as we want you to succeed


The full gamut of responsibilities will be as varied as our client base, but we anticipate asking you for the following regularly:

  • Creating design kits for packaged software products that can be customized per site
  • Designing individual site aesthetics and components from pre-made kits
  • Generating options and rounds of revisions at the moodboard stage, ideally for full kit designs to be single-round
  • Branding exercises to determine new companies’ logos, colors, fonts, and mood characteristics
  • Asset selection to go with overall content strategy
  • Asset creation, sometimes in tandem with product photographers
  • Consultation with the internal team, and sometimes directly with clients
  • Refinement and iteration on the designs of existing sites
  • Suggestions for other services that can provide client value and expand our offering

Expected rate and volume

It’s negotiable and based on level of experience, but currently we’d expect around $70 USD per hour, invoiced monthly. At present it’s unknown how many hours per month to plan for us to send your way, but a big priority would be to communicate early and often about our incoming opportunities and your availability.

The so1ve product offering is an evolving organism, and an opportunity exists to begin doing work on an hourly basis, but to later pivot toward a fixed-fee product offering alongside Solve it once’s development services.