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Use this table to review content and ensure the metadata matches the content:

Title Description Meta title Img src Img alt Meta robots Type
You may be LOST There has been an issue finding your page. 1200x630/john-locke.jpg We're not the only ones on this island and we all know it noindex,follow Page
About An agency that delivers the promise of agile with Drupal, for less. 1200x630/share_about-so1ve.png About so1ve Page
Accessibility Statement Our commitment to all users visiting this site. Page
Careers Work with us. Page
Categories List of all the categories on the site, with their tagged items. Page
Contact us We would love to hear from you. Page
Documentation Guides and tools for writing and designing around this site. Page
Events Archive Events that have previously occurred. Page
Events All the goings-on. Page
FAQs What we've been asked, and what we say when asked. 1200x630/share_faqs.png Frequently asked questions Page
Search Textually find content on the site via a form with a text box. Page
Blog Serialized writings collected in a single place for your enjoyment. Page
(untitled) Page
Home Michigan Drupal and JAMstack development + consultation. Drupal web development in Michigan Page
You're offline When your connection is interrupted and you go to a non-cached page, this is where you land. noindex,follow Page
Press Who to contact if you're a journalist. Page
Privacy Policy How you can expect your data to be handled, and when and where cookies are used on the site. Page
Products Products and services for sale. 1200x630/share_products.png Products page social share image Page
Site map A list of all links on the site, grouped by type and in alphabetical order. Page
Tags List of all the tags on the site, with their tagged items. Page
Terms and conditions Rules and regulations for the use of this website. Page
Thank you! We appreciate your form submission! noindex,follow Page
(untitled) Page
(untitled) Page
(untitled) Page
Accessibility Writing guide for inclusivity noindex,follow docs
Atoms The very smallest components in the design system. noindex,follow docs
Be concise Write enough to get your point across, but no more. noindex,follow docs
Browser support Browsers this site supports when testing and building. noindex,follow docs
Color The very smallest components in the design system. noindex,follow docs
Content principles Quick overview of our guiding content principles. noindex,follow docs
Forms The very smallest components in the design system. noindex,follow docs
GIF files All the GIF files in the assets directory. noindex,follow docs
Grammar and mechanics Formatting and consistency in language on the site. noindex,follow docs
Icons The very smallest components in the design system. noindex,follow docs
Information architecture Menus, tagging, and other structures. noindex,follow docs
JPEG files All the JPEG files in the assets directory. noindex,follow docs
JSON files JavaScript Object Notation files available publicly on this site. noindex,follow docs
JavaScript Scripts and behaviors available for use on the site. noindex,follow docs
Lang (translated) Values for translated CSS strings. noindex,follow docs
Layouts Instructions for making layouts. noindex,follow docs
Markdown All markdown syntax and its usage for this site. noindex,follow docs
Molecules Components that are made up of more than one little thing. noindex,follow docs
Moodboard Fonts, colors, logos and imagery, and other things that contribute to the feel. required/meta-image--default.jpg Default social image noindex,follow docs
Organisms Biggest components, made up of all the smaller kinds. noindex,follow docs
PNG files All the PNG files in the assets directory. noindex,follow docs
Performance budget The allowed number and size of assets delivered to users on the front end. noindex,follow docs
Personas Intentional stereotypes used for empathetic framing. noindex,follow docs
SVG files All the SVG files in the assets directory. noindex,follow docs
Search engine optimization Page metadata for reviewing to ensure good SEO. noindex,follow docs
Sections (reusable) Reusable and demonstration content at organism size. noindex,follow docs
Strategic Plan The mission, vision, and goals of the website qua website. noindex,follow docs
Tests Automated test results to ensure proper formatting and operation. noindex,follow docs
UX principles Prioritzation of the laws of user experience for heuristic work. noindex,follow docs
User testing Instructions for testing the site with users. noindex,follow docs
Values (design tokens) Values for non-color design tokens. noindex,follow docs
Voice and tone The mission, vision, and goals of the website qua website. noindex,follow docs
Writing about people Useful distinctions in order to be inclusive. noindex,follow docs
YouTube videos All the YouTube videos used on the site. noindex,follow docs
Freelance copywriter Someone so good with words they don't use many jobs
Freelance designer A visual powerhouse with an eye for systems and components jobs
Freelance marketer and SEO specialist Someone who talks business and makes lines go up jobs
.github org template A template repo with org-level markdown. 1200x630/share_github-org-template.png .github org template posts
AgileInterface: so1ve's approach to project management Solve it once has a unique approach to agile methods. posts
Developers lead Even if not in charge, developers are the ones making the software. 1200x630/share_developers-lead.png Developers lead social share image posts
How much more effort? A simple question to avoid group dysfunction. 1200x630/share_how-much-more-effort.png Home much more effort social share image posts
Introducing frost Atomic components and a huge head start. 1200x630/share_introducing-frost.png Introducing frost posts
Pie in the sky An approach to listening to your clients. 1200x630/share_pie-in-the-sky.png Pie in the sky social share image posts
Thriving! so1ve has been busy since June 1200x630/share_thriving.png Since today was a day to submit reports, here is a blog. posts
Unofficial Starshot strategy guide How to land Drupal CMS in the cosmos, if I had my druthers 1200x630/share_starshot-strategy.png You really want to read about Starshot posts
Welcome to the new Solve it once website Watch this space: Solve it once will not slow down. posts
frost design handoff Useful info for working with frost instead of against it 1200x630/share_frost-design-handoff.png Useful info for working with frost instead of against it posts
Annual support package Peace of mind for your website, all year 1200x630/share_support.png Support package products
Block of 10 hours Discounted rate compared to purchasing hours individually 1200x630/share_block-hours.png A block of hours rather than purchasing individually products
Dev work by the hour Individual development hours 1200x630/share_work-by-the-hour.png Work by the hour products
Drop everything plan Sometimes you need a Drupal developer right now 1200x630/share_drop-everything.png Drop everything plan products
Drupal website Full-featured Drupal website and some custom work 1200x630/share_drupal-website.png Full Drupal website package products
Full JAMstack site Set up a static site and do a little customization 1200x630/share_jamstack-full.png Full JAMstack site package products
JAMstack starter Get you set up with a static website you can edit 1200x630/share_jamstack-starter.png JAMstack starter package products
Two-week development sprint 2 weeks of custom development and expertise 1200x630/share_sprint.png Sprint of work products